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  • Name: Narimichi Takamura / 高村 成道
  • ID: nari_ex
  • E-mail: takamura [at]
  • Biography: detail



  • VP of Engineering / Engineering Manager(4 years)
  • Infrastructure Engineer(8 years)
  • Director / Member of the Board(3 years)
  • Skill
    • Management(Company, Organization, Human Resource, Project, etc)
    • System Monitoring(Datadog, Nagios, Zabbix, etc)
    • Linux I/O(I/O Scheduler Layer, Block I/O Layer, etc)
    • Log analysis platform(Elastic Stack, syslog, Fluentd, Embulk, nxlog, etc)
    • Infrastructure as Code (itamae / Ansible / Terraform)
    • Programming(Python, Go, C, etc)
    • Database/KVS(MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, etc)

Talks & Publications

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Written by Narimichi Takamura (@nari_ex) who works at Topotal as CEO. He love engineering and fighting game.